Deal with It: The new Kendama for passionate players offered by 1

Discover new and exciting new models from Deal With It (DWI)

In recent years, Kendama has gained more and more land on the Romanian market. This game that tests your flexibility, focus and coordination has attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people. At first glance, Kendama, it might seem like a relatively strange design, whose usefulness would be hard to guess. But as you test Kendama, you will find that it is much more than just a toy. You will test your patience, synchronization and analysis skills to master the basic tricks.

If you are one of Kendama’s passionate players, you have certainly heard of Matthew Rice, one of the most important names in the field. Matthew is a PRO player from the Terra team and is a keen player of Kendama who has devoted more than a decade to perfect both Kendama’s skill and design. Over time, Matthew found that there was room for improvement in the initial structure of Kendame. That’s why he decided to create his own brand, with toys specially designed to support Kendama enthusiasts. These new creations, operated under the name of Deal with it, is a product designed for players around the world, regardless of their level (beginners, intermediaries or professionals).

What special features can you expect from the new Kendame Deal With It? Matthew wanted to give all players a chance to enjoy special kendames and they can be used with pleasure to refine even the most complicated tricks. In this respect, he identified some aspects that could be improved to the kendame design. Along with a team of professional engineers, he has managed to develop a new model that makes it easier to learn the secrets of this game.

There are many factors to consider to create a quality Kendama: the wood used, the paint, the shape of Ken and how they were polished. All these details can help or hinder Kendama techniques. That’s why we want to offer you diversified products because you can get the most out of Kendama DWI experience.

What are the new additions in the range of products?

One of our goals is to offer our customers only the best Kendame on the market (internationally) and at an affordable price. That’s why you can now enjoy Kendama models like: Gray Sticky AF, High Tide Sticky AF, High Tide Rubber, and Marylin Rubber, and the list can continue. These patterns are made of different types of wood: maple, ash and zebra. Why use these types of wood and not others? Because these materials add value to Kendamei. As a rule, those made from ash are preferred. These Kendames are lighter, have a nice finish and will improve overall gameplay.

Deal with It: The new Kendama for passionate players offered by 2

The reason we chose to offer you Kendame from Deal With It is closely related to their quality. Matthew Rice is known for making top products, being one of the founders of Grain Theory (a company dedicated to creating professional Kendamas). Many pro-players use these Kendame to participate in competitions and practice new tricks. If you want to improve your skills for Kendama, then you also need a quality product.

Moreover, if you decide to purchase a Kendama from, you will receive it in a special pouch (which will protect the wood), spare pad and a sticker.

We want to offer you all the conditions for you to enjoy a wonderful experience with your new Kendama.

We are excited to discover the new models!

You will certainly not be disappointed!